Transforming Pathology with AI into the Digital Future

Empowering pathologists and streamlining clinical workflow processes

Established in 2020, ROSEAId emerged from a significant collaboration with University of Texas Health, a premier US medical institution. ROSE AI our Telepathology Platform revolutionizes digital pathology leveraging our AI-driven, cloud-based technology, encompassing academia, research and clinical field requirements.


ROSEAId fulfils the specialized requirements of pathologists through the integration of advanced data analytics , streamlined workflow and diagnostics, providing real-time results for improved outcomes.


Create an unparalleled standard in telepathology for clinical diagnostics, improving patient outcomes, optimizing efficiencies and transforming a new era of medical innovation.

Revolutionizing Rapid Onsite Evaluation in Cytopathology with ROSEAId

Broadcast via Advancements with Ted Danson on CNBC, Aired Saturday 01/22/2022.

Enhance Patient

Speed Up Detection
and Diagnostics

Boost Productivity
and Reduce Costs

Extensive Dataset

Integration of
3rd Party Devices

Patient History
and Comparisons

ROSEAId Products

Telepathology Platform

ROSEAId, unifies the pathology ecosystem by seamlessly integrating your existing technologies. This provides the versatility to meet the diverse needs of pathologists and clinicians to secure the investments that every laboratory requires.

Research Platform

RoseAId’s research platform, intended for our teaching hospital partners, leads the way for innovative data science use-cases in healthcare. Our Multi-Modal Large Language Foundational Model (MLLFM) for medical research transforms the way data is analyzed, simulated for more profound investigation into the intricacies of biological complexities.

This versatility allows us to uncover valuable insights from sources of data that were once invisible to conventional AI and Machine Learning Models.


The Future of Pathology Paved with ROSEAId's AI Solutions

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